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Welcome to Tijuana Dental Clinic


About Us

We are a Dental Clinic with Doctors specialists in each area and high standards of service and quality. We want to be the business option for all those companies that want to provide a more incentive alternative for their employees. We offer all dental services in specialty such as: General Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Surgery, Implantology and any other dental treatment.

Dental uses the latest dental technology and our doctors regularly attend dental conferences in order to learn and apply new methodologies that are used in dental science around the world, in order to offer you better service, quality and Reliability it deserves.

What do we do?


An implant is a medical device created to replace, help or improve some missing biological structure. Surgical implants are made for the man, in contrast to a transplant, in which biomedical tissue is transplanted.


It is called endodontics, endo and doncia, to a type of treatment that is performed in dentistry. It consists of the removal of the dental pulp and the subsequent filling and sealing of the pulp cavity with an inert material.


Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is responsible for the correction of incorrectly positioned teeth and bones. Treatments have the advantage of providing a healthy mouth for a lifetime.


Periodontics Is A Medical-Surgical Dental Specialty That Studies The Prevention, Diagnosis And Treatment Of Diseases And Conditions That Affect The Tissues That Support The Dental Organs.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is a surgical specialty that includes diagnosis, surgery and related treatments of a wide spectrum of diseases and aesthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, etc.

Fixed And Removable Prostheses

Dental prostheses are instruments or devices made in dental laboratories, whose mission is to replace lost teeth, to restore the masticatory function and, often, to contribute to improve the aesthetics of the patient.


With this scheme, we offer you an agreement with us so that your employees have access to all dental services at discounted prices unique to your company.


With this scheme, we offer you an agreement with us so that your employees have access to all dental services at discounted prices unique to your company.


This alternative consists in reaching an agreement of a monthly fee that the company pays to the dental clinic in order to attend the selected treatments to its staff.


Your employees and their families have a discount on all dental treatments that are performed with us. In addition, they will have access to offers and packages that we will be sending to your company.

What our customers say

I have tried to go to the dentist for years and I mean years. I would get my housekeeping and never reappear, unless there was an emergency. Here at Dental I have stayed in all my appointments. A couple of days ago I had a redness. And I did not feel the pain of the post at all! I do not know how they did it! But it is true! I plan to continue completing all the appointments with you! I have been made comfortable in the pain department. And the fear of going to a dentist has declined! I am very grateful for all your attentions and for the work you do.

Jorge Monterrosas
Jorge Monterrosas